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Hawkes Bay Music Hub

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Paisley Stage

Paisley Stage Live Lounge, Napiers' newest and only live music lounge bar, amazing local and national talent, inviting atmosphere and fresh funky decor.

Double Ya D - 8:30pm

"My Dad was a mechanic, the first thing he laid his eyes on after I was born was a can of WD40." Not bad for a hereditary man witch from the Wairarapa who 'battles the dark covens of music with the power of music.' A once-former member of the legendary unknowns the Uncle Chunky Blues Hit Wonder Band (1997 - 2008), Double Ya D plays insanely catchy hooks over grubby synth beats and sings infectious tunes that will make you go "Wow, I never thought of that quite like that before!" Sneaking in the shadow lands of Newtown, you will find this hook-nosed tape-decked one man wunderkind, strumming, noodling, all jazz hands and casting spells. Feed him a Aunty Meena's vegie ball and he'll tell you no lie: there's a WOLF FIGHT TONIGHT! Man witch versus man wolf! Man machine! It's not a broom it's a V2 rocket in your pocket! Tune in for a sinister kaboom! It's Double Ya D-DAY!

Dusty Rhodes & the Blues Mobile - 9:30pm

Dusty Rhodes and the Bluesmobile began back in 1987 born from the seeds of two legendary Hawkes Bay bands, "Bluebeard" and "The Hoochie Coochie Blues Band". Members share a passion for blues and blues/rock music, and while the band has had some personal changes over the years the nucleus of Dusty Rhodes and Tim Walton has been constant for most of this time. The band is centred on the guitar genius of Rhodes, who is also singer/songwriter. It has produced two recordings to date "Live at the Cabana 89" and "You Asked For It" in the mid nineties, also appearing on a recording for Creative Napier in 2008. At its peak the band toured extensively, gaining a following through its dynamic for its live performances and appearing at top venues and concerts throughout the country. After taking a breather in 2001, responding to renewed demand Dusty Rhodes reformed in 2007 and is once more appearing with the Bluesmobile, presenting a show which blends a wide variety of material including original songs.

Lady & the Tramps - 10:30pm

Lady and the Tramps is a jazz band based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. They specialise in combining jazz and performance to bring an an interactive entertainment experience to every show.

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