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Hawkes Bay Music Hub

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The Cabana

New Zealand's oldest Pure Live Music Venue !

Shithawks - 8:30pm

Featuring local musicians born and bred in Hawke's Bay, the Shit Hawks bring together elements of hard rock, metal and punk to create an explosive fusion of sound, with lyrical themes ranging from real life issues through to trailer Park boys references, and everywhere in between.

Calvary - 9:30pm

From the depths of Hawke's Bay, we bring you the cult of Calvary. A four piece of monstrous NZ metal, bringing the guts of old school Thrash and Death metal into our own refined sound. Prepare to mosh and get loose, filthy riffage is about to hit your local...

Down with the System - 10:30pm

Down with the System are a Hawkes Bay band, paying tribute to the legendary System of a Down. With a constantly growing setlist covering every album, all of your S.O.A.D needs are sure to be met.

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