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Hawkes Bay Music Hub

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Paisley Stage

Paisley Stage Live Lounge, Napiers' newest and only live music lounge bar, amazing local and national talent, inviting atmosphere and fresh funky decor.

Jack-Knife Beat - 8:30pm

Jack-Knife Beat are a classic blues and rock band based in the Hawkes Bay. This new up and coming band specialise in blues rock and pull their inspiration from wonders like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. Incredible guitarist and front man, Jake O'Herlihy, will remind you of rock 'n roll stars from ages past. With tight rhythms and a cutting sound, JKB features Ben Jackman on the bass and Ivan Sawyer on the drums.

The Dave Atkin Group - 9:30pm

Comprising Dave Atkin on piano and vocals, Joe Atkin on drums and Paul du Fresne on bass, this three piece combo produces a tight, punchy jazz and blues crossover sound by taking the known jazz and blues standards and reworking them with both a contemporary feel and attitude. This ‘group’ can expand to include other top selected musicians including sax and guitar and can be augmented with an extra female vocal with the inclusion of the very talented Jess Atkin.

Mirrored Walls - 10:30pm

Mirrored Walls bring an action-packed performance with high energy and an intense wall of sound driving through their live set. Juxtaposing melodic ballads with pop-punk and the ferocity of post-hardcore, Mirrored Walls have something for everyone. Featuring a triple vocalist front (including a brother/sister duo) they have worked hard to form a cohesive, harmonic, powerhouse sound. With a setlist packed with originals, and always a well-known cover thrown in for fun, this is a band you don’t want to miss.

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