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The Cabana

New Zealand's oldest Pure Live Music Venue !

Joe Cole - 8:30pm

Joe Cole is a Singer Songwriter from the windy south that is Wellington. His twist on soulful folk/rock originally brewed within the southern hug, playing various cafés and venues around the city in his teenage years. After growing up and improving his act in the south, Joe found tranquility within the velvet bursting skies of Hawkes Bay, experimenting with his sound amongst the cruisey nature and comforting climate of Napier City. This is where Joe kicked off his career as a full time musician, playing regularly at venues such as Three Wise Birds, The Urban Winery, The Rose, The Puketapu, Paisley Stage, and The Cabana. Joe's main focus is bringing an easy listen to your ears as you enjoy your outing with yourself or friends and family, his main inspirations include David Gray, Passenger, Led Zeppelin, and Chris Cornell.

Nick Herbison - 9:00pm

Nick is a New Zealand based singer/songwriter who is passionate about writing music with a positive message. He aims to improve the wellness of human-beings and encourage individuals to become the best version of themselves in each moment.

The Drams - 9:40pm

The Drams brings the jams. The Drams are a 4 piece indie rock band based in the local suburbs of Napier. Originating their dynamic twists of soft ballads and head-bangers, these boys know how to captivate a room. Members: Liam Meehan - Drums, Liam Mulahll -Guitar, Louis Jardine - Bass, Joe Cole - Vocals

Fyveyes - 10:10pm

FYVEYES are a hard hitting three piece rock band from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, consisting of Harper Champion on drums, Harry Young on bass, and frontman Harry Champion on lead vocals and guitar. Mike Chunn, of the legendary New Zealand bands Split Enz and Citizen Band, described frontman Harry C as - “A natural talent who’s engaging blend of words and music is powerful”.

Arlo Mac - 11pm

Arlo Mac are a four-piece rock band from New Zealand, ready to serve you up a hot and steamy plate of indie magic. Being just high school students when they were crowned national winners of Smokefree Rockquest 2019, Arlo Mac were celebrated by how they took their audience on a journey, melding genres, styles, and time signatures together with ease.

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